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<span>Send 33% More Emails.<br/> In a 1/4 of The Time.</span> The Simplest Way to Send More Emails In Less Time.

What is Outflash?

Outflash is a simple, yet effective add-in for Outlook. By using Outflash you can QUICKLY email multiple contacts in one go. You can even customise each message Outflash sends. Giving your emails that personal touch. Outflash allows you to send the same number of emails up to 4 TIMES FASTER.

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Compose Once

With Outflash you create a single message that is then used to send multiple emails. Reducing the time you spend using Outlook. Create once and let Outflash do the leg work.

Your Contacts

Outflash will send a single email to each of your Outlook contacts that was added into the "To" field of your message. Reach out to multiple prospects or customers in one go.


Outflash allows you to set placeholders. The placeholders are replaced using information stored against your Outlook contacts. Personalising each email to improve email views and replies.

Existing Software

No need to sign up for a new service, or copy all your contacts information to another email tool. Outflash works from inside Outlook, so you can continue using software you are used to.

Keep Track

Outflash saves a copy of each email that it has been sent in your existing Outlook Sent Items folder. Allowing you to keep track of who has received an email.


The original message that you composed is saved in your Outlook Drafts folder. Quickly edit the content to reach the same people. Or use the content to reach even more clients.

Works with Outlook
Online and on desktop

Install once and Outflash is available to use online, on Mobile, on Windows and on Mac OS

Office 365

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If you would like to know more about how Outflash. Check our our comprehensive FAQ’s section. You will find answers any questions you have relating to Outflash and our product and service.