Adding a new contact in Outlook

How to add a new contact in Outlook

3 ways of adding contacts to Outlook In this blog post, I am going to run through how to add contacts to outlook. I will run through how to add a new contact in Outlook.com, the Outlook desktop app for Windows and for Mac (OSX). Click the link below to

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Designing emails for Outlook

How to Design Outlook Emails

Professionally design an Outlook Email and improve your customers journey. You have a great product or service. Your marketing efforts are working and you are building up a following on social media. On top of that you have started building a small email list of potential customers. Along side the

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best Introduction email subject lines

Good email subject lines for an introduction

Compose good email subject lines to introduce yourself or an associate. It can be difficult (and scary) trying to introduce yourself to new people. Mastering the art of introductions face to face is a challenge, trying to do it from an email can be a real struggle. I recently had

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send personalize email in Outlook

How to personalize an email in Outlook

Personalize an email that will be sent to multiple contacts. Have you ever created a draft email in a text editor with [[INSERT NAME HERE]] and used this to send out the same email to multiple people? Maybe like me you have made the mistake of forgetting to update the

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Outlook Mail Merge software

Mail merge software for Outlook

Outflash is an add-in that enables you to send mail merge emails, quickly and easily. It seems we spend less and less time doing our actually jobs and more time sending and responding to emails. Mail merge software can help with this headache. Are you still using an email application

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Introducting Outflash

Introducing Outflash add-in for Outlook.com

Introducing Outflash for Outlook.com. Helping you send more emails in less time Hello, I’m go glad you have found your way to our website and this blog post. Thanks for visiting us. In this blog post I’m going to be introducing Outflash, an email enhancement add for Outlook. I’m going

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