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How to do a Mail Merge in Outlook Best Personalization

How to do a Mail Merge in Outlook With Personalization

Sending a personalized email is proven to give you a higher conversion rate for your outreach campaigns. One way to do this is by using mail merge in Outlook. According to a report by Adestra, 82% of marketers reported an increase in open rates through email personalization, while 75% believe it

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About Me - Frustrated, Overworked, Underpaid: My Origin Story

Frustrated, Overworked, Underpaid: My Origin Story

For Marvel to My Little Pony. Everyone loves an good background story. Well here is my origin story of why I started Outflash. How It All Started I was a frustrated, overworked, underpaid software developer. I had worked for a company since graduating from University. Must have been for 4–5

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Yoga the perfect antidote to a desk bound existence

Yoga The Perfect Antidote to A Desk Bound Existence

All the years of sitting down at a desk has really taken it toll So, I’m writing this email on the computer at my newly constructed standing desk. Having been in the software development trade since starting University in 2003. I have spent a lot of time hunched over a

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Keeping fit and strong with Gymnastic rings training, like weight training just a lot harder

Keeping Fit and Strong While Working From Home

Gymnastic rings training, like weight training just a lot harder So, I’ve not be not be able to do any form of weight training for a while now. Keeping fit and strong is something I work into my weekly routine. For years I have enjoyed going to the gym and

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send personalize email in Outlook

How to personalize an email in Outlook

Personalize an email that will be sent to multiple contacts. Have you ever created a draft email in a text editor with [[INSERT NAME HERE]] and used this to send out the same email to multiple people? Maybe like me you have made the mistake of forgetting to update the

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