Send Personalized Emails With Outlook

Compose Personalized Emails To Multiple Recipients On Mass

Quick and Easy Email Personalization

Personalized Emails Increase Your Chances of Getting A Reply

Tailored Subject Lines

Outflash allows you to personalize your emails subject line, tailored to each recipient. It has been show that personalized subject lines increase email open rates by 29%

Personalised Content

Insert personalization placeholders. Outflash updates these holders with the correct data from each contacts information from Outlook. Improving ROI by up to 44%


You can even insert unsubscribe links into any email you send. Outflash will let you know when an unsubscribe link has been clicked. Allowing to to keep on top of your mailing list.

Simple Personalization for Outlook Users

Outflash Outlook Add-in allows users to create personalized emails, including the emails subject line, insert unsubscriber links and send emails at scale. It helps you to look professional at all times. Even when updating multiple recipients in one go. If you are looking for an email enhancement to spend less time sending emails, then look no further and try Outflash now.

Outlook Email Personalization FAQ

See How Outflash Updates Your Email After You Hit Send

How Does Outflash Email Personalization Work?

Email tracking using Outflash

It's simple to use Outflash email placeholders.

When writing your email. Instead of putting a generic greeting. Outflash allows you to insert, first name, last name and company name placeholder in an email. Just add the ‘To’ recipients as normal.

Outflash will then send a single email to each recipient, replacing the placeholders with information from your contacts record, stored in Outlook.

All this is done at the click of a button.


Can I View The Email That Is Sent?

You can find all the email Outflash sends in Outlook

For each email that Outflash sends for you. It saves a copy in your ‘Sent Items’ folder in Outlook. Just as a normal email would.

Allowing you to see all the emails that we have sent for you. We even save a copy of the original email in the ‘Draft’s folder in case you need to send it again to other recipients.

Why Is Outflash Personalization Better Then Send To All?

With Outlook Email Personalization, each recipient is sent a single email. Instead of one email going to all the recipients. This makes you look professional at all times. Studies have shown that personalized email sent direct to a single person makes them 4 times more likely to reply.

Using Outflash also prevents any security issues such as the ‘Reply-to-all’ mistakes that can happen. The last thing you want is the wrong person being added to an email chain and getting reply after reply.

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