Track Emails With Outlook

Know If Someone Opened Your Email, All From Inside Outlook

Read Receipt Without Them Knowing

Check If Someone Received, Opened and Clicked Your Email

Real Time Tracking

Use Outflash for Outlook to see if someone opens your email. You can see the email open rate, click rate and time of delivery.


Email analytics provide you statistics on each and every email sent. You can track, analyze and optimize every single email to perform better.

Within Outlook

Access your email statistics for the last seven days. All from inside Outlooks New Message screen. No need to log in and out of different apps and websites.

A Complete Email Tool For Outlook Users

Outflash Outlook Add-in unlocks features like real-time email tracking, scheduling, and unsubscriber tracking. It enables professionals to make informed data-driven decisions as they have all required engagement data of the recipient at their finger tips. If you are looking for a reliable enhancement to increase your Outlook email productivity, then look no further and try Outflash now.

Outlook Email Tracking FAQ

See How Outflash Tracks Your Email After You Hit Send

How Does Outflash Email Tracking Work?

Email tracking using Outflash

It's simple to use Outflash email tracking. Just write your email as normal

When you click ‘Send Using Outflash’. By default our tracking service automatically monitors whether your email has been delivered, opened and clicked.

Just a click and you are good to go.

Can I View The Email Tracking Data?

You can find all your statistic in Outlooks New Message Screen

Our simple dashboard works inside Outlooks ‘New Message’ screen.

Just open our dashboard as is you were writing an email. All you need to do is click the “Track Activity” link and it will take you to all your email stats for the last seven days.

No need to keep logging in and out of different apps and websites to view your tracking data.

Why Is Outflash Tracking Better Then Outlook Read Receipts?

With Outlook Read Receipt, users get a notification when the recipient opens their email but they don’t get to know about how many times the recipient has opened their email. But with Outflash Email Tracking, users get all the insights about their Emails such as: Who opened their Email and How many times their Email was opened.

Start Tracking Your Emails Today. Get Unlimited Email Tracking!