How to Send Automated Emails from Outlook

How to Send Automatic Emails in Outlook

Quick and easy way to send automated emails in Outlook

Have you ever sat in front of your monitor. Knowing you had to send out a boat load of emails. Wishing there was a way to send automated emails from Outlook?

Sending automated email can be helpful when you’re contacting potential new customers. Or trying to grow your business. You won’t be able to scale by sending one-by-one individual emails manually. Automating the sending of emails in Outlook will increase engagement, provide an effective personalised email experience for your recipients and scale your conversions.

In this blog post I will show you how to send automatic emails in Outlook to transform your email efficiency.

How to send automatic emails using Outlook

Sending an automated email campaign has been proven to increase the success rate of your campaigns. Unfortunately, this is not possible from Outlook.

For such a campaign, you will have to use email enhancement software like Outflash. The service allows you to send personalised emails, driving excellent success to your campaign.

First, install the Outflash email enhancement add-in to Outlook. After installing the add-in. And enabled our software to send emails on your behalf. Open in the ‘New Message’ screen in Outlook.

In the ‘To’ field of the compose message screen. Select which contacts you would like to receive the automated email.

Next, you can insert placeholders into the subject line and email body. When Outflash sends an automated email on your behalf. The software replaces these placeholders with the relevant information from the contact information added in the ‘To’ field.

To do this click the ‘Outflash’ button along the bottom menu.

Open Outflash menu button

This will open the Outflash helper screen. Expand the ‘Subject Placeholder’ section. You can insert placeholders for the contacts first and last names. As well as the company name.

Insert a subject placeholder using Outflash for Outlook

Repeat the process for the email body, adding the placeholders you would like Outflash’s software to replace.

Send an email using Outflash to multiple contacts

After writing an email that you are happy with. You can schedule Outflash to send a one-by-one email to the contacts you have selected.

Back in the Outflash helper screen. All you need to do to queue the emails is click the ‘Send using Outflash’ button.

Send an email using Outflash for Outlook

You will see a little green status bar in the helper screen letting you know how many of the emails it has queued.

Once the emails have been queued. The message compose screen will close as normal. A copy of the email will be saved in your ‘Drafts’ folder.

Review the performance of your automated email campaign

With Outflash, you can use the software to review how your email campaign is performing. You can see if an email was delivered and if the recipient opened or clicked the email.

By logging into your Outflash dashboard you should be able to see every email that the software has sent for you and the activity for that email.

Outflash dashboard to review Outlook automated email campaigns

Benefits of sending automated emails in Outlook

Automation, it’s here forever, I love automation and automating things. If you want to scale your business smarter and faster you should start with email. 

Automating your email gives you an excellent opportunity to effectively reach out to your potential customer at the right time, build engagement to close more deals. According to the research of instapage, an automated email campaign delivers a 70.5% higher open rate and a 152% greater CTR. 

Using automation you can send an email sequence. Build a great relationship with your leads. Improve your relationship with your customers.

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