Outlook Online Email Tracking

Outlook online email tracker

How To Track Your Emails Using An Outlook add-in

Have you ever spent hours composing the perfect email template. Then used Outlook to send the template a shed load of customers or potential new clients?

Once you have sent all the emails. Finally sitting back and relaxing. Have you ever wondered if the emails get to the recipients without any issue? Or thought, has anyone actually opened the email or clicked on the link in the email?

I know I have. In the past I have worried about triggering spam filters because of the subject line I have written. Some providers may have even blocked the content in the emails. Even though it was a genuine link to one of my blog posts.

If my emails have gone through. Has someone even read the email? People’s inboxes these days get so bombarded it can be difficult to see the wood for the trees. Trying to reach the person you would like can be a nightmare.

Not knowing also can lead to you send the wrong follow up email. Do I assume they have seen it? Do I assume that they haven’t seen it? When I help tech teams with their products, I always say “Assumption is the mother of all f**k-ups”. I’d rather not assume, if I could know if someone has opened an email or not. Then I can tailor a follow up email accordingly.

Out of the box there isn’t any Outlook online email tracking. You will need to use an plugin similar Outflash’s email enhancement add-in.

How To Track Email Deliveries, Opens and Clicks In Outlook

So you have decided that you need to start tracking some key metrics about your email campaigns. You don’t want to start using an expenses third party email services and want to stay with the tried and trusted Outlook.

You need a simple way to track email activity from any email you send from Outlook. This is were Outflash comes in.

Once you have installed Outflash and subscribed to one of our paid plans. Any email that you send using our service will automatically track whether an email has been delivered. How many times a recipients opens that email and how many times they click something within the email content.

You can easily view your Outlook email tracking activity online. When you are composing an email and have the Outflash add-in open. There is a link called ‘Track email activity’.

Track email activity using the Outflash email enhancement add-in for Outlook

Clicking on the link with take you to your very own email activity dashboard. You may be asked to login once the screen loaded.

Once you have logged into your Outlook online email tracking dashboard. You will be able to see the emails that you have sent using Outflash in the last 30 days.

Our dashboard shows you the recipients email address, subject line. The status of the email, i.e. whether is was delivered or not. Finally how many times the recipient opened or clicked your email.

Outflash's online email tracking dashboard

There you have it. A very quick and easy way to use Outlook and Outflash to track email activity online.

I hope you found this helpful. If you have any questions please let me know. I’m more than happy to help.


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