Engage With Staff Using Effective Emails

Keep on top of your inbox and make sure things are in place Increase your sales productivity with our Outflash email enhancement add-in.

Email Tracking Simplified

Know exactly when a colleague opens your email with real-time tracking

Get detailed analytics of the emails you are sending both internally and to external business contacts.

Make informed decisions, know what action needs to be taken after an email has been sent.

Unlimited Email Scheduling

Reach your business contacts at the right time for them.

Schedule your email to be delivered at a time when management and business contacts are most likely read and reply

Make sure people are getting your emails and taking action. Executive assistants can reduce the time spent chasing up emails.

Email Campaigns

Mass Emails With That Personal Touch

Maximize your chance that someone will reply by sending personalized mass emails

Give a personal touch to your business emails while sending mass emails so that it looks like it is been sent to the specific contact.

On top of that, Outflash ensures that your emails reach the intended recipient.

Other Reasons To Use Outflash For Emails

Outlook Add-In That Saves You Hours

Outflash is a simple dashboard that runs inside the ‘New Message’ screen in Outlook. Our plugin lets you send personalized emails to multiple contacts in one go. Spend less time writing and sending emails. And more time focusing on the tasks your meant to be working on.

Send Emails When It Suits You

Once installed, Ouflash will be available to use in Outlook.com, Outlook for Windows and Outlook for Mac. Schedule the sending of mass emails, anywhere, anytime! With Outflash it’s easier to contact your colleagues and business partners, helping you increase your ROI.

Know What People Do With Your Emails

Track any email you send to see if it has been delivered and whether someone opened or clicked the email. Allowing you to see how a contact has interacted with your email. So you can tailor follow-up messages to make sure people communicate with you, to spend less time in your inbox.

Get Up And Running and Start Emailing In 30 Seconds

It’s quick and very straight forward to install Outflash. It’s not your fault you’re so busy, so It takes less than 30 seconds to add our plugin to Outlook.
Executive assistants time is precious. So it only takes two minutes out of your day to get up and running in 30 seconds flat.