FAQs and Support

If you need support of any kind please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

The best way to get the support you need is to email support@outflash.xyz. Someone will reply back to you as soon we can and help you sort through any problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

You need an email address that is authorised by Microsoft to send emails using Outlook or Outlook.com

Yes. Compose the email in the ‘New Message’ screen as normal. Enter a few email addresses in the To field. Put in a Subject and Message, and hit the Sending Using Outflash button (instead of the normal Outlook Send button).

Outflash is lightweight and unobtrusive. After you install Outflash, you will notice an extra button within your Outlook ‘New Message’. This button opens a simple dashboard that allows you to insert subject line and body placeholders, as well as unsubscribe links. From the dashboard you can also track emails, schedule the sending emails and request support.

Yes. You compose your email just as you would any other email message in Outlook. Any feature of an email that Outlook supports you can assume that Outflash also supports.

With the free account, your emails are sent by Microsoft’s servers from your account. You’ll see all sent messages in your ‘Sent’ folder, just like you would a regular email. The benefit of this is that you get to take advantage of Microsoft’s sending reputation. If you have subscribed to our paid plans. We use a marketing leading email sending service, you can send virtually unlimited emails from your Outlook account.

Under the standard setup, Microsft imposes a limit of 350 emails/day for regular users. There are other factors that determine sending limits too, such as the age and reputation of your account. Outflash allows you to send unlimited emails by sending through our external service provider, Sendgrid. Outflash allows you to artificially break Microsoft’s limits.

You can access your open-tracking, click-tracking, and delivery reports by clicking on the ‘Tracking’ Label in the Outflash dashboard.

Outflash is free to send 350 emails per 24 hours. To send more than 350 emails per day, please subscribe to a paid plan.