Install Outflash using

Install in less than 30 seconds

The quickest and easiest way to install Outflash and  get up and running is to use and link the plugin to your email account. This guide will run your through the process of adding the plugin to your account, step by step.

Check out the video below. It’s a quick 1 minute run through of how to install Outflash.

A step by step walkthrough can be found here

Install Outflash using in 8 simple steps

The fastest way to add our Outflash plugin to your email address is to compose a new message and add a new plugin. The following steps will run you through this process.
Step 1

Open a browser and and login to your outlook account using 

Step 2

In the top left of the Outlook online application click on ‘+ New message’

This will take you to the compose new email screen. In this screen you can quickly add new add ins.
Step 3

Along the bottom of the compose email screen you will see a row of buttons (see below).

Click on the last button, the ‘more items’ button. This will open the following menu options.

Next, click the ‘Get Add-ins’ button.

Step 4

After clicking the ‘Get Add-ins’ button. You will be presented with the following ‘Add-Ins for Outlook’ screen. It should look some like.

Install Outflash using Outlook's add-in feaure

You will see a list of recommended add-ins. With two navigation options on the left. Click the ‘My add-ins’ menu item.

Step 5

You will screen a list of add-ins that you have either installed to Outlook previously or that have already been added by Microsoft.

Scroll down to the ‘Custom add-ins’ section and select ‘+ Add a custom add-in’.

Click the ‘Add from URL…’ option.

Step 6

You will see another form to ‘Add private add-in from a URL’

Copy and paste the following URL into the text box. Then click the ‘OK’ button when enabled.
Step 7
You maybe prompted with a warning message. If you would like to continue, click the ‘Install’ button.
Screen when Outflash is installed

Once installed you should see Outflash listed in your ‘Custom add-ins’ section.

Amazing. If you have got this far, thank you so much for installing our Outlook plugin.

Step 8

Now that Outflash is installed is should appear in the additional menu items of the compose email screen.

Outflash is now available to use in the New Message screen

There is one last step before we can send multiple emails on your behalf. 

You need to authorise Outflash to do this. 

Compose your email as you normally would. Once you are ready to send the email .Click on the ‘Outflash’ button from the pop out menu.

After a second or two you will see the following dashboard appear.

The Outflash dashboard inside the new message screen

Click the ‘Send using Outflash’ button.

As you haven’t sent an email before the following popup will appear asking you to authorise outflash

The authorise Outflash popup

Click the ‘Authorise Now!’ button. 

This will open a new browser tab or browser window redirecting you to the Microsoft authorisation page.

You will be asked to login and be prompted with a list of options that Outflash needs access to, enabling our systems to send emails on your behalf.

Authorisation requirements for Outflash

Click ‘Yes’ to continue installing Outflash.

Again you will be redirected once or twice while our system completes the authorisation process.

Once completed you will see the following screen.

Outflash dashboard after authorisation process is complete

That’s it. All done.

Thanks again, ever so much for installing Outflash. Our Outlook plugin allowing you to send emails to multiple contacts from a single screen.

Allowing Outflash To Send Emails For You.

Below is a video showing you the authorisation process, if you are still unsure on how to do this.

Sending Your First Email

In the video below we show you how to send your first emails using Outflash.