Why Outflash?

Save Time and Focus On Work You're Actually Excited About

Features of Outflash Include Email Tracking, Email Scheduling, Personalised Message, Quick and Easy Merge Mail? Outflash Does It All. With Outflash you can engage smartly with prospects and close more deals.

Start Engaging With Your Prospects & Close More Deals!

Key Features

See What Outflash Can Do For You.

Email Tracking

See who is opening your email with a real-time tracking.

Check if your emails are getting delivered.

You can track the number of link clicks of the link that you include in your individual email.

Email Scheduling

Are your recipients always busy and only read emails at certain times of day?

92% of adults check their email on a daily basis.

Make sure your email gets to the recipient at just the right time. Increasing the chances of the reading your email and taking the steps you want them to.

Email Campaigns

Email Personalisation

Most people want to ignore emails nowadays. Don’t give them an excuse to ignore yours. 

Personalised emails have show to improve ROI by up to 41%

If someones name is in the subject line, they are twice as likely to open and read the email.

Campaigns With Unsubscribes

Do you struggle using traditional mail merge tools to send your marketing and newsletter email?

Insert unsubscribe links into any email you send using Outflash.

Allow any of your recipients to unsubscribe from future emails. Get an email if anyone clicks the subscribe list and easily manage your recipient list.

Outflash's features allow you to track email activity

Mail Merge With Outlook Has Never Been This Easy

Send Personalised Emails To Multiple Recipients In One Go
Email Campaigns