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You love working for yourself and running a freelance business. Working with customers on cool projects.

After working for over 10 years for different large companies. You dedcided that working for someone else wasn’t for you and you started your freelance Software Development business.

There are aspect of working for yourself that your don’t like spending time on. Even though these are critical to keeping your business running. The added pressure of client outreach is something that is stressful and you want get better at.

Running a Freelance Business

It’s not that you hate speaking to potential clients or existing customers. You really enjoy it and are good at it. However, finding new contracts or touching base with existing contacts is very stressful. Especially when the project you have been working on is coming to an end.

Luckily with things liked LinkedIn, Freelancer and UpWork there is vast array of opportunities available online. With just your laptop and work ethic. You have been able to put your skills to good use and start your own thing.

You have been running your freelance business, providing software solutions for over 2 years now. Working mainly from a shared office space or the local coffee shop. Occasionally using your spare bedroom as a makeshift office if needs be.

Shared Office Space

You love running your business. But it pains you that you aren’t contacting enough potential clients. Even worse, you aren’t spending enough time with your partner.

Some nights your are still at the office around 7 – 7:30 each evening. Your partner has already been home a good hour or so. You quickly pack up and head off home.

You get 10 minutes together to have a quick chat while she is prepping the evening meal.

She is an amazing women and fully understands how much effort you have to put in working for yourself, running a freelance business. She is extremely supportive and helps you by taking up the slack in your home life. Sometimes your work demands mean you can’t help around the house as much as you should. She ever complained, not once.

While your partner is cooking tea. It gives you time to time to finish off your tasks from today. Even though it’s nearly 8:30PM your “day” hasn’t ended. You send a few emails letting your clients know what you have been working on. Then you spend some time sending emails to new customers. Asking questions to clarify the requirements for some new projects that will be starting next month.

More emails, some catch up work. Which is you reaching out to your previous customers via email, to see if there is anything in the pipeline. You haven’t even started the proposal work and related emails that you need to send out. Seems like you are never off Outlook.com or the Outlook desktop app for Windows. 

Late night freelance work

Exhausted. It is normally gone 11 PM when you have finished sending the emails that you needed to get done that evening. You manage to cram in one episode of the latest Netflix box set that you and your partner have started watching. It is then straight to sleep for the both of you.

On busy evenings though it can be gone midnight or even 1 AM before you hit the hay. By the time you get into bed, your partner is already fast asleep.

This is one of the problems with running you own business. It can extend into working of an evening. It is a massive frustration that you only get to spend 10 minutes with your partner each evening. It’s not ideal for any couple.

Another problem is tiredness. If you have had a late one, you’re normally very tired the next morning. There have been some mornings when you have been unable to focus, impacting the actual development work you need to do for your clients. You then end up beating yourself up about it. Seems like a chicken and egg suitation.

Weekends are normally better in terms of spending time together. The money that your freelance business brings in, allows you to treat your partner. Even if they are a little modest at times.

You spent a lot more time with family and friends and more importantly with your partner at weekends.

However, this all stops around 6 PM on a Sunday evening. This is normally when you browse sites like Freelancer to find interesting projects. While your partner is curled up watching a movie. You are in your little make shift office in the spare bedroom.

Searching through new project listings that have been submitted over the last 7 days. Trying to put together a decent proposal and get it emailed over. You also spend a good hour or two emailing old contacts that you haven’t been in touch with for over 6 months. It’s a lot easier find a new project from people you have worked with before. Hopefully they will come back with something.

You aren’t giving up the business. Your client list is gradually growing, so is the number of project that are coming your way. Working this much on a Sunday impacts the start of your week though. Putting you in a bad way on a Monday morning, tired and having to do it all over again.

"There has got to be a quicker, easier way to send emails"

What if you could send more emails in less time? Focus on the actual work that is important to your customers. Not just fighting to keep it going.

What if you could use existing software that you are familiar with and use all the time to send more emails? You have zero time or motivation to learn a new product or service.

What if you could manage aspect of your potential client outreach, such as personalised emails and tracking? All from inside Outlook.com

What if things were different? Simplier? Faster?

Your partner has just finished her evening meal. “Right, I will go and sort the dishes out”, she says standing up and stretching.

As she is taking the plate into the kitchen you quickly put all the away the table place mats.

You rush into the spare bedroom to your little makeshift office. Open up your laptop. Check your planner to see what you need to do tonight. You have 3 things you want to get done.

#1 – Email your the 6 contacts at the company for the main project you are working on. You need to send them two screenshots showing today’s development work. You are working on the product section of their website and want to get some feedback.

#2 – Send out questions that you have about the new projects you are in the running for. Reply to the customers that have answered your questions from the emails you sent yesterday.

#3 – Email customers that you have not spoken to in the last 6 months, 12 months and 18 months. You have around 80 contacts that you have worked with in the last 2 years. You have 3 email templates that need sending out to these 80 contacts.

Customer Updates

You start by opening the Outlook desktop app on your Windows laptop.

You quickly create an email and attach the two screenshots of the updates to the website. Next, you add the 6 contacts for the project you are working on into the ‘To’ field of the email.

In the main content you insert a first name and company name placeholder. These fields will be replaced with the information saved against each of the contacts in Outlook.

Once final scan of the email to make sure it looks OK. You click the ‘Outflash’ button to send the emails. You see a ‘sending’ popup. After a few seconds the popup disappears and the email compose screen is closed automatically.

You can see that a copy of the email has been saved in the ‘Drafts’ folder in Outlook. After 30 seconds, you check your ‘Sent Items’ folder. In there you can see that 6 emails have been sent to your contacts.

“Love it, 6 emails sent in the same time it take to send one”

Customer Questions

After checking your customer questions folder earlier today. You had created a new contact for each person that you have been chatting with about potential new projects.

In your ‘Drafts’ folder you have a customer questions email template. You use this template to ask any questions you may have. As well as to direct any the contact to the portfolio page on your business website.

You edit the draft email. Remove the contacts that were saved from the last time you sent the email. As with the customer updates email. You add all the contacts that have emailed you that day. A total for 4 new contacts.

Using Outflash again you send the emails to the contacts.

“Going great guns tonight” What normally takes you well over 30 minutes, you have just completed in less than 5.

“Just 6X’ed my productivity tonight”.

Catch Up With Previous Customers

This is normally the task that brings in the most work. It is also the one that takes hours and hours.

You have also made so many mistakes sending these types of emails. Most commonly forgetting to replace peoples names. “Hi Marcus”, when it has actually been sent to Nicole. WHOOPS.

In the past you have found sending out these “how are things going?” emails have been a rip roaring success. But, only if each email has been tailored to include the persons name.

You have created 3 seven new email templates. Which you have been saved in their own Word document. You open the first Word document. Paste the email content into Outlook’s ‘New message’ screen.

In the Word document you also have a list of emails addresses that you want to send the emails to. You paste these emails into the ‘To’ field on the email. Outlook then links information from your Outlook contacts to each email you have just added.

The first template has over 25 email addresses that you want to send the catch up email to.

You excitedly click the ‘Outflash’ button to queue the emails ready for sending. The last time you sent an email similar to this. The next day, almost all of your contacts  you had emailed replied. In fact, that month was your best month in terms of new project work that you have ever had.

You repeat the process of copying the information from each Word document. Then sending the emails using Outflash.

Glancing at the clock after the last email has been queued. You smile as you realise that it’s only 8:55 PM. The days of working till 11 PM are a rarity nowadays. The 1 AM finishes are a distant memory.

“I’ve been given the gift of time!”

You and your husband spending quality time together

You shut the lid on your laptop. Quickly rush out of the spare bedroom and head back to the kitchen.

You take a bottle of red wine off the wine rack. You can’t get the cork out quick enough.

After pouring two glasses, one for you and one for your partner. You go into the living room and sit down on the sofa.

Grabbing the TV remote, you open Netflix. You find the next episode of the latest thriller you both have been watching. Skipping the intro, you pause the TV. You take a sip of the wine and wait for your partner to come into the living after her nightly duties.

She is a little surprised as he walks into the living room. Smiling, she says “this is becoming a bit of a midweek habit”.

The past few months have been great. You and your partner have been able to spend a lot more time together in the evenings.

Last Thursday was amazing. You and your partner even managed to get a little bit of “romantics”. Had it really been 6 months?

You have actually started having a proper relationship again. Instead of just grabbing 10 minutes together when you can.

Not only are you getting more quality time with your partner. You are able to get more sleep as you aren’t “burning the candle at both ends”. The late nights, well early mornings. Made you tired, unable to focus in a morning, not great when running a freelance business.

You love the mornings now. You even have chance to go running each morning before getting ready for the day ahead.

On top of your personal life. Your little business is thriving. You are receiving more and more projects to work and gradually adding new contacts to your list.

You’re careful not too work on to many new projects in one go. You don’t want to go back to working for 6 hours each evening.

The extra money that the business is bringing in is helping you and your partner in more ways than one.

Your modest days out are becoming slightly more exciting. To a point were you are able to eat out at restaurants, even when it isn’t a special occasion.

There is even extra money that you put into the house fund each month. You are both able to put towards moving to a bigger house. Perhaps one that you will be able to have a proper home office in?

You always hated not being able to contribute round the house. Things are going so well, you often beat your partner home, do some chores and start cooking the evening meal. The pressure on her to do everything round the house isn’t as much of a burden as it used to be.

She even mentions that she can’t wait until you “both work on your business, full time”


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