A Simple Way to Send Mass Emails in Less Time Than You Ever Thought Possible

How much are two extra hours each day worth to you?
What could you do if you had the gift of two extra working hours each day?
Or what projects could you start and complete or how about the income goals you can achieve?
All you have to do to reach out to the majority of your clients is, create a template, customize it and send it to all at once.
Outflash mass email service inside Outlook can improve your productivity and performance.
And it can eliminate the monotonous drafting of email forever.
That might sound hard to believe.
But watch this video and see how…

What Exactly Are You Getting Within Outflash Mass Email Service?

A Compact Dashboard That Does Not Utilize Many Obstructive Pop-Up Windows So That To Customize Templates Happens in Minutes Not Hours.

Email Personalization

Take customization to the next level by loading recipient information straight in subject lines and body content.

Compatible with Outlook

Send your emails and check if a recipient opened your email without leaving Outlook, (All in the same place).

Track Key Metrics

Access key metrics such as open rates and click-through rates (CTR) and see what’s working or try a different tactic.


Increase the chance that people will open and read your email and take action directly from our intuitive dashboard.

Which of These Do You Need for Your Emails?

Using Outflash email service you can do all of this and more:

– Send out emails with attached newsletters or key documentation to your recipients.

– Get your emails delivered inbox instead of landing in the spam folder or promotional tab.

– Insert unsubscribe links into any email you send. And get a notification if anyone clicks the unsubscribe link.

– Schedule your emails to avoid time trouble zone, especially when dealing with clients in different timezones. 

– Get new customers.

There’s so much Outflash can do to increase your sense of control.

Think about it! No more slaving for hours trying to personalize mass emails by hand and sending them out individually.

Outflash helps professionals in many industries to send personal messages to a large amount of people with less time.

… And We Want To Help You Too

Sales Professional

OUR ENGAGEMENT DATA prevents frustrations created from doubts that your lead has read your email or not.

Say goodbye to old ways of email marketing based on guesswork. Using Outflash, you’re able to know who opens your emails and at what time and use that data to make informed decisions.

Recruitment Specialist

Look, I know, you’re selling jobs to people. You’re selling opportunities, life-changing opportunities and people depend on you. You’re a responsible person who keeps their word. You’re a bridge between the talent searcher and the job seeker.

But how can you engage with them and keep their attention without tracking and scheduling email?

It’s easy to build mutual connection with different people using Outflash…

Outflash for recruitment consultants
Outflash for legal professionals

Legal Professional

Did you ever wish to have plenty of time, to do your other important tasks undistracted, and complete each task on time?

Outflash allows you to send personalised emails on mass, rather than endlessly forwarding huge conversation threads.

Giving you extra time to focus on other important tasks.

Project Manager

Increase the potential value of your email messages to your stakeholders on mass and still include EMAIL ATTACHMENTS.

Here you get to send more detailed information that you want to include in your bulk emails. To send the file, you simply insert it as normal and our system will attach a copy of it to any email it sends for you.

In other words, using Outflash you will be able to keep your stakeholders, or team in the loop.

Outflash for project managers
Outflash for property agents

Property Agent

Build more trust with your audience using quick Email Personalization.

Simply use Outflash email placeholders to customize the subject line with the subscriber’s name. And Outflash will replace the placeholders with information from your contact records, stored in Outlook.

Certainly, your marketing campaigns will be done faster. And be confident that your recipients will engage when you use this Outflash feature…

Personal or Executive Assistant

Your boss cannot value you when you keep forgetting about meetings and losing track of upcoming events.

Use email schedule in Outflash to auto inform and remind your C-level executives about meetings, conference calls, and interviews.   

By consistently meeting your expectations, you are sending a clear message that you are trustworthy.

Outflash for personal and executive assistants
send personalize email in Outlook


Just imagine having more time to go out, do something exciting, unusual, adventurous with your partner. Look, I know You May Think This Sounds Like ‘Couples Therapy’.

But I’m seeing more and more freelancers working outrageous hours and left with less time to spend with their partners. 

You can get things done much faster using the Outflash plugin. For example, you can send mail merge emails with a click of a button, right on the Outflash dashboard (and finish your tasks quicker).

Solopreneur or Small Business Owner

Isn’t awful to pay hundreds of dollars if not thousands, for an email automation platform, which most of its features you don’t necessary need?

Arguably, Outflash, is the cheapest, the simplest and most efficient email service, to run your email marketing campaigns.

This Might Save You More Money and Get You More Customers.


Simply put, Outflash works for anyone who wants to increase their productivity and performance...Fast

All you do is jump online, login to your Outlook account, open a +New message screen. Click a few add-in's, enter the URL and presto! Out pops exactly what you need. Then, create your emails and send to your list.

Try Outflash Today! It Takes Less Than 30 Seconds To Install Outflash

Why You Can’t Get Anything Like This ANYWHERE ELSE

Outflash is one of a kind.

Yes, there are other software’s out there that offer similar features. But most of those other tools do not work as described.

That’s because few of them are built solely for operating inside Outlook.

So, most often, they give several glitches when trying to configure the app with Microsoft Outlook.

Which is a problem since such bugs and issues affect the consistency of tracking results, not to mention the disappointments you have to go through.

Outflash is the only plugin for the Outlook app where you can see tracking results without leaving Outlook.

Moreover, figuring it out is not confusing unlike some software’s where you have to go through support blog posts when you just want to send a quick campaign.

Besides you don’t have to worry about steep learning curve, as we produce very clear how-to videos.

And most importantly, we offer a free plan (which is currently free for life if you start today) and no credit card required. A good place to start, indeed.

Again, you don’t have to pay through the nose to experience more advanced features. The paid plan offers unlimited emails priced as low as £10.

When customers are engaged with you, you will gain their loyalty, better your targeting, lower your marketing budget and earn larger revenues and profits.

According to Aberdeen group, personalized email messages can improve click-through rates by as much as 14% and conversions by 10%. And according to the DMA segmented and targeted emails generate 58% of all revenue

80% of business professionals believe that email marketing increases customer retention (Emarsys).

You Can Prevent Churn, Up-Sell and Build Rapport

Outflash gives you key email metrics that will help you engage and deepen the relationship with your customers.

And whether you’re sending free content or sales messages…you can use these email metrics to segment and target customers.

So how do you do it?

By paying attention to recency of email clicks, you may be able to predict future purchases and craft marketing messages based on the online behavior of each customer.

So, this one is the easiest of easy.

If you can target your audience and make the interactions more relevant, the purchase rate could be significantly higher.

The reason it works is that customers feel known and appreciated.

Look, I know you may be thinking that I’m trying to knock your socks off and woo you to buy my service, but stay with me a minute.

Listen, I’ve worked as a freelancer before, using a paid plan email automation service.

This helped me to send more emails to my customers and prospects.

But when they increased their prices, I couldn’t afford to pay for the costly subscription and I lost the service. I was so upset for not being able to send emails to my lists. That was until I started documenting the framework, templates and cheat sheets.

Of course, I was able to reach my prospects; however, sending email to each prospect was a tedious task.

Being a qualified software developer, I thought of building an email software. I wanted something that would be easy to use but more effective. Something simply but more efficient. Something valuable but more affordable to anyone.

All I wanted was to build a software that will help professionals reach their clients much easier and faster.

After spending a ton of time analyzing, programming, I built Outflash plugin for Outlook. I have used Outflash to send more emails than ever before. I have run tests and shared it with other professionals.

Since then, using Outflash email service has enabled me to have greater sense of control over my work and my personal life.

If you’re interested to take the simple method to send personalized mass emails, this is for you.

If you value your time, as much as I do, you will want to check the Outflash mail merge software.

Outflash mail merge software helps you send multiple personalized messages for your campaigns with the click of a button.

Which means Outflash makes sending mass emails a piece of cake.

Your emails will be unique and engaging.

Remember when you sign up for this email service you may get:

– No obligation on you, you can sign up for a free plan with no credit card required. Remember, if you sign up today, you will get the free version for life.

– Customer support is accessible over email.

– Increased revenues and returns. Personalized email messages improve click-through rates by 14% and conversions by 10 (Aberdeen group).

– User experience is simple.

– Strong mutual connection with your customers, or stakeholders.

– Built-in-Analytics to see how your recipients interact with your emails and optimize your campaigns.

– You can insert an “Unsubscribe” link into an email.

– The email addresses to which you send emails to, are stored in a database, secured by layers of firewalls, and is never shared with any third parties.