Simple Mail Merge Using Outlook

With Outflash Mail Merge Emails Are No Longer Complicated And Time Consuming

Quick and Easy Mail Merge Emails

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Send all the emails you need to each day
and still leave the office on time

Email Plugin That Saves You Hours

Outflash is a simple dashboard that runs inside the 'New Message' screen in Outlook. Our plugin lets you send personalized emails to multiple contacts in one go. Spend less time writing and sending emails. And more time focusing on the tasks your meant to be working on.

Send Emails When It Suits You

Once installed, Ouflash will be available to use in, Outlook for Windows and Outlook for Mac. Schedule the sending of mass emails, anywhere, anytime! With Outflash it's easier to contact your prospects and customers, helping you increase sales.

Know What Clients Do With Your Emails

Track any email you send to see if it has been delivered and whether someone opened or clicked the email. Allowing you to see how a contact has interacted with your email. So you can tailor follow-up messages to make sure people communicate with you, to increase your ROI.

Get Up And Running and Start Emailing In 30 Seconds

It's quick and very straight forward to install Outflash. It's not your fault you're so busy, so It takes less than 30 seconds to add our plugin to Outlook.
Take two minutes out of your day and get up and running in 30 seconds flat.

You didn’t get into business to spend hours and hours (that you’re not getting paid for) on sending emails.

You’re here because you love your work and you want to spend more time doing it. You’re tired of writing emails, clicking “send,” and wondering…

Not to mention the frustration of all the time you spend reformatting, copying, pasting, and renaming…It all takes so much longer than it should. And it’s scarily easy to end up with mistakes that can kill the deal or a relationship with a customer.

Outflash is an Outlook add-in that helps you send mass email in minutes. So you can focus on your work.

It’s an email software plugin that helps you cut the time you spend sending emails in half, keep in touch with your clients, up-sell for more revenue, close more deals in your sales pipeline.

Other small businesses and freelancers have switched to Outflash, and people are now sending more emails than ever before, in a quarter of the time it use to take.

Cut Email Time in Half with Mass Sending

Create the Outlook message as normal, add multiple recipients and just click the ‘Send Using Outflash’ button instead of Outlooks standard ‘Send’ button.

Our system will then send a seperate email to each recipient for you.

Once you have installed Outflash. Our add-in is available to use in, Outlook for PC and Outlook for Mac. So you can send mass email whenever you need to.

Email Campaigns
Email Campaigns

Increase Revenue By 10% With Personalized Messages

Personalized emails have been proven to boast ROI and improve sales. 

Outflash not only sends bulk emails. But it can personalize each message that is sends with information from your Contact’s details stored in Outlook.

With our add-in, you can personalize part or all of the subject line. As well as inserting placeholders into the contents of a message. These placeholders will be updated before sending. Insert first name, surname and company name placeholders.

Always Look Professional By Avoiding 'reply-to-all' Mistakes

You have sent email to your contacts using the standard ‘Send’ button in Outlook. To your horror, one person uses the ‘Reply To All’ button, and the reply is delivered to all the contacts in your list. Our Outflash plugin protects you from this situation by sending an separate message to each contact.

Even if you are sending a message to your entire list of recipients, only one contact will be displayed in the ‘To’ field when someone receives your email. Saving you from being blamed for sharing Elon Musk’s email with the world 🙂

Outflash - Manage Unsubscriptions

Confidence That Your Email Won't End Up In The 'Junk' Folder

If you send a message to a lot of people, that email’s header size might be several times larger than the size of the message text.

Many anti-spam tools look at the size of the header (the number of people receiving the email). And compares it to the size of the email contents (the text that you want people to read). If the header is larger than the message text, your email may get marked as spam. Or, worse still, be rejected by email services and not be delivered at all.

Outflash sends an individual message to each recipient that you’re emailing, so the header of the email will be kept small and viewed as being valid.

You can significantly decrease the chances of your message being marked as spam or rejected by using Outflash. As there will only ever be one email address in the ‘To’ field.

Effortless Way To Get Your Proposals Emailed To Clients

Other Mail Merge software doesn’t always allow you to add attachments to your bulk emails. This can be a problem if you’re sending out business reports or proposals to multiple people. They won’t get a copy of that document, making you look incompetent.

Outflash solves this problem. You can insert any attachment as normal and our system will attach a copy of it to any email it sends for you. Making sure key contacts receive the document you have have spent hours slaving over.

Outflash's features allow you to track email activity

Know Exactly When Your Emails Get Read

Track any email you send to see if it has been delivered and whether someone opened or clicked the email. You can see how each contact has interacted with your email, so you can tailor follow-up messages to increase productivity and meet targets.

Schedule the sending of emails, making sure each email reaches your contacts at just the right time. So you increase the chance that people will read your email and take action.

You don’t want to trigger a penalty clause in a contract with a customer, just because someone didn’t read one of your emails.

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