Bulk Email Tool for Outlook

Bulk Email Tool for Outlook

Email enhancement add-in that enables you to send bulk emails, quickly and easily.

I don’t know about you, but I’m finding I’m sending more and more emails. My ‘New email’ desktop alerts seem to be pinging every couple of seconds.

I personally love Outlook, both the desktop client and online service. I’m forever checking emails whether I’m in the home office or on the go. Microsoft have done a great job with their email services in my opinion. They are constantly improving it too.

However, there is a limitation with Outlook. Users cannot send bulk emails easily ‘out of the box’. Our time is more precious than ever, so we need a quick and easy way to bulk email.

Have you ever sat at your computer? Looking at the list of contacts that you need to reach out to using email. Whether that be potential new customers, existing clients or cold emailing. Knowing it will take an age to get all the emails sent. It is a time consuming process.You have better things to do, like your actual day to day job, or running your business. Does this sounds familiar?

Do you need a quick and easy to use solution?

Do you have an Outlook.com email address that you send emails from? Or do you use the Outlook desktop application on a day to day basis?

At the time of writing this blog post. Microsoft’s 365 product development roadmap had launched 45 new updates to their Outlook platform, with 27 updates pending release and another 27 in development. The number of people using Outlook is going to continue to grow.

Do you wish you could use Outlook to send the same email to loads of people each day? With the only difference in the email content being: “Hi [insert first name here], how are you today?”

Are you happy with Outlook.com, but wish there was a quicker way to reach out to your existing clients or potential customers? Without having to copy and paste the same email and changing one or two words?

Outflash add-in helps you bulk email in less time

I was having the same issues. Each evening after working my normal 9-5 job. I would spend hours working on a couple of side projects.

After a week of sending emails to local businesses in my area, trying to promote a business idea I had. I was fed up of creating and sending the same emails to different people.

A bulk email tool was needed.

I had looked a couple of bulk email tools and CRM’s such as Hubspot. However, I didn’t want to move away from Outlook.

That’s when I decided to see if I could come up with something that would work from inside Outlook.com. Hence Outflash add-in for Outlook was created.

Why is Outflash different from other third party email services.

  • The add-on runs complete from inside Outlook. More specifically in the “new message” screen. No need to start using a new application or service.
  • Turns the Oulook compose screen into a mail merge/bulk email sender. Create a single email. Select to send it to multiple contacts and our Outflash service will send an email to each contact separately, on your behalf.
  • Outflash can insert placeholders into your emails subject line and body. When Outflash sends an email on your behalf, these placeholders are updated with the relevant contact information.
  • No need to move all your contact information to another third party service. Outflash uses the contact information you have already saved in Outlook.
  • Can be added to Outlook in less than 30 seconds.
  • Saves you time. I believe that you can bulk send the same number of emails each day. In less than a quarter of the time you currently do send emails.
  • Once installed will be available to use in Outlook.com and Outlook desktop application. No need to install it over and over again. Outflash and Outlook does this for you.
  • When Outflash sends an email for you. It saves a copy of the email in your Outlook ‘Sent Items’ folder. So you can keep track of what has been sent.
  • Outflash will also save a draft of the email your composed, along with who you selected to send the email to. Again, allowing you to keep track of your emails and reuse existing emails, over and over.
  • It’s free to install and start using. However, Outflash uses Outlook’s email service to send emails for you. You may hit the daily send limit (At the time of writing this post, Microsoft had set the limit to allow a user to send 350 emails per day)
  • There are no hidden costs or charges for using Outflash.
  • No minimum contract or setup fees. You are free to start, or stop using Outflash whenever you like.
  • With one of our paid plans you will be able to send more than the 350 daily limit if you need to.
  • We also offer an email tracking service as part of our paid plans.

Willing to give our bulk email tool a try?

I hope you like the sound of Outflash, a bulk email tool for Outlook. Personally I would love it if you started using the add-in I created. If you do choose to use Outflash. Please drop me an email at phil@outflash.xyz letting my know who you have found using the service. What you like and dislike about the add-in.

You can find instructions on how to get started with outflash here.

Thanks for reading. Hope to hear from you soon.

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