How to do a Mail Merge in Outlook With Personalization

How to do a Mail Merge in Outlook Best Personalization

Sending a personalized email is proven to give you a higher conversion rate for your outreach campaigns. One way to do this is by using mail merge in Outlook.

According to a report by Adestra, 82% of marketers reported an increase in open rates through email personalization, while 75% believe it yields higher click-through rates. 

Here are a few more stats I love about email personalization.

Personalized email messages improve click-through rates by 14% and conversions by 10%.

Personalization drives a 17.6% average email open rate.

Personalized emails have 29% higher unique open rates and 41% more unique click rates than non-personalized emails.

Personalized subject lines increase email open rate by 26%.

If you use Outlook, you can use mail merge in outlook function to personalize your emails.

But do you know how to do mail merge in Outlook to increase your productivity?

In this blog, we will walk you through the best ways to set up a mail merge in outlook using two methods that boost your email efficiency and productivity.

Traditional mail merge in Outlook method

The traditional method for creating a mail merge in Outlook is done with 2 tools, Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Word. This method can take a while and it eats up a lot of your time.

This method relies highly on Microsoft Word so make sure you have the latest version of it.

Step 1: Prepare your email document

  • Type the body of your email in Microsoft Word that you want to send to your recipients.
  • Go to Mailing tab>>Start Mail Merge >> E-mail messages.

Step 2: Setup your Mailing list in MS Word

  • Go to Mailing tab>>Select Recipients >> Type a New List
  • Enter the details of your recipients like their First name, Last name, Company name, the industry they work in, etc.
  • Click Ok

Step 3: Prepare your Merged document

Add customized content to the email message

  • Go to Write & Insert Fields group>>Mailings tab>>Address Block.
  • In the Insert Address Block dialog box, choose a format for the recipient’s name as it will appear in the email.
  • Click OK to insert the merge field.
  • In the Write & Insert group, choose Greeting Line.
  • Choose the greeting format you want to use from the Greeting line dialog.
  • Click OK to insert the merge field.
  • Click on File >> Save to save your email.

Step 4: Send your Mail Merge Message

  • Choose Preview Results, and then choose the Next or Previous record button to make sure the names and addresses in the body of your letter look right.
  • Choose Finish & Merge >> Send E-mail Messages.
  • In the To box, choose the name of the email address column in your list.
  • Add a subject line in the Subject line box.
  • In the Mail format box, choose HTML (the default setting) or Plain text to send the document as the body of the email message.
  • Choose OK to run mail merge.

That is the end of the traditional method. After all these steps, you would be able to send the personalized email to your recipients

Professional method

Unlike the traditional method, the professional method is quick and easy to use. The professional method of mail merge in Outlook is used by salespersons, marketers, HR and various email experts for making their email outreach more productive.

Follow the simple steps to send a lot of emails.

1. Signup for Outflash using your Outlook account.

2. Compose an email in Outlook as you normally would

3. Click ‘Send using Outflash’

In fact it’s quicker for you to watch a video of me sending a few emails in one go than trying to explain it.

This is it. That is all you have to do in order to send a mail merge campaign with Outflash. With this professional method, you can save hours of your time and be more productive.

If you are in doubt whether this works or not, we assure you it does. You can use our free version for yourself, just to try it out. No credit card or payment information required.

Benefits of professional method

  • Effective and efficient: If you send a mail merge campaign with the professional method, it will take around 15 – 20 mins depending upon your the list of contacts you are sending. If you send the same email manually it will take you around a whole day or maybe more.
  • Personalization: A study showed that emails with personalized subject lines received 33% open rate and 6% reply rate as compared to 17% open rate and 3% reply rate for the emails without a personalized subject line.
    In short, if you personalize your subject lines and emails, it doubles the chances of it being opened.
  • Track unlimited emails: While using Outlook for doing a mail merge in Outlook, you can track the open and click rate. This will help you in analyzing the recipient’s behavior towards your email.
  • Schedule email campaign: While doing a mail merge in the traditional method, you have to send the email as soon as you set up your campaign. But with the professional method, you can schedule your email according to your desired date and time.
  • Data and Reports: Outflash provides recipient engagement data like open rates, click rates, delivery success in its dashboard after you finish your campaign. You can analyze these reports and get a perfect sense of what kind of email works for your target audience.

Limitations of mail merge from outlook

  • Number of emails per day: The major limitation with mail merge campaigns in outlook is that there will be a limited number of emails that you will be able to send in your campaign. It depends on your email service provider. It is not advised to send lots of emails from one account in a day as it might trigger the attention of spam filters. Following the best practices to avoid spam filters will help you land your emails in the primary inbox of your recipients.


You must have read both the methods of how to do mail merge in outlook and understood the pros/cons.

I hope you could have decided which method will be more productive and efficient for you.

If you have any doubts or queries regarding email campaigns or mail merge in outlook, you can send an email to I’m more than ready to help you with your problems.

Drop a comment below on how you liked the blog. Thanks for reading. Until next time.

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