How to send the same email to multiple recipients using Outlook

send same email to multiple recipients using Outlook

Compose a single email that will be sent to multiple contacts.

Are you spending 15, 20 minutes or up to an hour sending the same email to different contacts?

Wouldn’t it be easier to compose a single email template. Select which contacts you would like to reach. Click a button and let an automated process do the leg work for you?

This is something that was giving me a headache too. I had started designing and selling t-shirts using a few print-on-demand services. Each evening after work I would be reaching out to local businesses to see if they would be interested in me designing and supplying t-shirts for their brand.

I was also doing some market research for another product I was trying to get off the ground. Reaching out to small media agencies, again local to me.

It was the same thing over and over. Create a contact in Outlook. Start a ‘new message’. Paste in a template from notepad++. Change a few placeholders. Add the new contact into the recipient list. Click send.

Needless to say, it was very time consuming. Especially when 90% or the people I was emailing would just ignore me.

Outreach using

As I was still working a ‘9-5’ and my side projects where self funded and were taking up most of my spare time. I didn’t have the time, cash flow or motivation to find another service that may suit my needs.

I liked Outlook. Paid a monthly subscription for Office 365 and didn’t want to move away from something I really liked using.

My background is software development and programming. 70% of the development projects I have worked on over the years been built using Microsoft technologies.

“I wonder if I could put something together, that worked inside”.

Even though my focus was the other projects. I made time to see what I could come up with.

At first I was just scratching my own itch and doing a bit of up-skilling too. After a month or so of development work I was onto something. My idea was possible and I carried on developing the Outlook add-in.

Create once. Send over and over.

After a few months I had something up and running. That worked from inside the ‘New message’ screen in and the Outlook desktop app.

“I shall call it……. OUTFLASH”!!

With Outflash you can start writing an email. This will then be used as a template to send multiple emails to whatever contacts or email addresses you what to reach out to.

Outflash has predefined placeholders that you can insert into the subject line and email body. These placeholders will be updated using the information stored against a contact when Outflash sends each email on your behalf.

It doesn’t matter if you add 2 or 10 contacts as recipients of the email. Outflash’s email sending service will send an email to each one of the contacts using the ‘template’ you created.

The service will save a copy of each email it sends for you in your ‘Sent Items’ folder within Outlook. Giving you clarity as to what has been sent to who. Allowing you to keep track of your outreach efforts.

Outflash also saves a copy of the email your ‘Drafts’ folder. This draft is used as a reference when sending emails for you. I also thought it would be handy to keep a copy. Incase you would like to send more emails out at a later date to new customers or prospects.

Save time, money and use your existing apps.

So, there you have it. A way to send the same email to multiple contacts using Outlook.

The Outflash add-in is really easy to install into Outlook. If like me you use while on the go. Then the Outlook desktop app when at home or in the office. You only need to install Outflash once and it will appear in all versions of Outlook.

I hope you like the sound of Outflash. Personally I would love it if you started using the add-in I created. If you do choose to use Outflash. Please drop me an email at letting my know how you have found using the service. What you like and dislike about the add-in.

You can find instructions on how to get started with outflash here.

Thanks for reading. Hope to hear from you soon.

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