Introducing Outflash add-in for

Introducting Outflash

Introducing Outflash for Helping you send more emails in less time

Hello, I’m go glad you have found your way to our website and this blog post. Thanks for visiting us. In this blog post I’m going to be introducing Outflash, an email enhancement add for Outlook.

I’m going to run through is Outflash is. Above all it’s an add-in for, what does it actually do? How can it help you?

Solve a problem and save you time.

What if you could spend more time helping your clients achieve the goals and targets?

Chatting with them, helping and working with them to improve your sales?

Do you hate spending hours sending the same email out to your customer list?

Are you fed up of being inside Outlook, or other email apps?

Frustrated at having to learn how to use new third party tools or services? Meaning you spend even more time importing and exporting email address and contact information?

Scratch my own itch

I was having a similar issue. In my spare time I was working on a freelance business, creating software products and selling t-shirts online. I was spending a lot of time sending emails using and the Outlook desktop client.

Of an evening I would spend hours sending out the same email to contacts and leads, even cold emailing. Copy and pasting the same email content, replacing names and company details as needed.

“There has got to be an easier way?” It seemed all my time was spent sending emails, I had no time left for things like marketing or customer support and outreach.

I had looked at services that offer email marketing solutions. All great products. However, I didn’t want to move away from Outlook and spend even more time importing and exporting my contact information.

As a software developer by trade. I decided to see if I could quickly create something that would suit my needs. It sounds counter intuitive to spend time building something instead of using an existing product. Entrepreneurial curse I guess.

From idea to implementation

I didn’t want to create a product that was overloaded with features or options. All I wanted to do was to be able to create a new email. Insert a few placeholders. Select a few contacts. Click “send” and let something send emails on my behalf.

Firstly, I wanted it to run inside Outlook. More importantly from the “new message” screens. I wanted to re-use a piece of software I had used for years and was paying a monthly subscription for.

Secondly, I wanted it to be simple and easy to use. Allowing me to send out the a lot of emails in a quarter of the time (or less) that it currently took.

I was already maxed out with other commitments. Somehow I found the time to see if I create something that fulfilled the above criteria.

All told, it took me 3 months from the initial idea to having something up and running that myself and other people could use.

Outflash is born

Outflash is a simple plugin to help you reduce the time you and your team spending sending emails. I built it with a minimal feature set that anyone can use, and I left out everything else, for now.

Introducing Outflash. No clutter, no complexity, no extra features to confuse and overwhelm you.

Similarly, if you are looking to move on from another service provider. Or you’re fed up with the manual processes you use to send out emails. I hope you’ll give Outflash a try.

If you are interested, here are the instructions on how to setup Outflash

We are always looking for people to use our service so we can gain feedback about how we can improve. If you would like to work closely with us to make our service the best it can be. Please drop me an email at mailto: I would love to hear from you.

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