Outlook.com is one of the largest personal information managers in the market. Launched by Microsoft. The web app consists of webmail, calendars, contacts, and tasking services. 

While it provides an incredibly efficient webmail service. Outlook puts a mass email limit on the number of emails you can send in one day to curb spam mails. However, this mail service provider is not alone. Many others, like Google, Yahoo, and ProtonMail, do the same. 

Defining the Daily Limit Set by Outlook 

If you have stumbled upon this blog, the chances are that you are wondering what your outlook email limit per day isset to by Outlook. Well, that mainly depends on your account details, such as its type and status.

If you use your account daily, log into it often, and send a bunch of emails now and then. Then Outlook considers you as a more reliable user than the others, which builds your reputation among the mail service provider. Similarly, if you have been using your account for over thirty days and are avidly complying with Microsoft’s code of conduct. The chances are that Outlook will allow you to send more emails each day by increasing your outlook email limit size.

Assuming that you have a reputable account in Outlook’s books, then you can send 300 emails per day. Which accounts for up to 30 emails per minute, to 100 recipients per email

Significance of the Daily Limit 

Consider you have a private mailbox and are using an account formatted to IMAP/POP3. Then your outgoing messages are sent by Outlook’s SMTP server, which restricts mass emails from being sent out to prevent spam emails and unsolicited messages from reaching other mailboxes.

However, if you are using a corporate exchange account, then your email administrator is responsible for setting the limit, according to the company’s budget and criteria. It may or may not have an outlook mass email limit.

Sending Emails Over the Outlook Mass Email Limit 

Attempting to send more emails than your outlook email limit per day, then your emails will bounce back and be labelled as undeliverable email.

outlook mass email limit
Sending Emails Over the Limit!

Although your email will initially send, it will not be delivered to your desired recipient. To send an email again, you will have to wait for 24 hours. 

Don’t worry! You will still find your undeliverable email in the draft folder. 

Working Around Outlook’s Standard Per Day Email Limit 

If you are worried that you are about to, or already have reached your outlook email limit size, you’ve come to the right place for some quick and effortless solutions. 

Browse through the following to pick out the best option for you: 

  • Upgrading Your Outlook Account: Upgrade your account to a paid subscription. With your upgraded account, you will be able to send more emails per day than the daily limit of 300. 
  • Creating Dynamic Distribution Groups: Since you can send one email to around 100 recipients, you can create static distribution groups. Divide each group to 100 recipients to ensure that you can maximize the number of people you reach with your emails. 
  • Using Mass Email Software: If you wish to stay hassle-free throughout the email sending process, sign up for a third-party mass emailing software (Outflash for Outlook), which will allow you to automatically schedule your emails, bypassing the outlook mass email limit. 

Entrusting Third-Party Email Providers 

Tired of sending over and above on Outlook’s subscriptions and all the hassle that comes with it, it’s time to look into third-party email providers. Here are some benefits of using third-party providers: 

  • No emailing limits. Send over the 300 emails and surpass the limit set by Outlook
  • No hassle of configuration and troubleshooting
  • A variety of reasonable packages to choose from 
  • All-in-one professional and trustworthy services 

With the market for mass emailing services growing, there are some service providers better than others. However, it is imperative to choose a trustworthy provider, to ensure that your personal information and data is in safe hands. 

After all, privacy first! 

Confused! How to deal with Business emails?

Outflash for Outlook is the only solution

This is where Outflash comes in, a mass email service provider that will never disappoint and fulfil all your email scheduling. 

Using Outflash – Sending Mass Emails in a Whim! 

Want to make the most bang out of your buck? We recommend using the Outflash add-in to your Outlook account and forget about the mass email limit.

A fast, trustworthy, and reasonable mail service provider like Outflash is all you need to send out as many emails as you want, in just one day! Use this add-in to compose one email which you can send to however many recipients as you want. Moreover, using our service guarantees little hassle and no privacy concerns, as the add-in works from inside Outlook. You don’t have to get in the trouble of constantly switching applications and tabs with this service. Do the bare minimum to achieve the most through this dynamic email add-in. 

With Outflash add-in, you won’t even waste a minute of your time, as the service provider includes the facility to schedule mass emails and track every single one of them through the outgoing folder. Moreover, with the tracking facility, you can also review who has read your email and who hasn’t – an interaction like this will help you take the right action, such as sending follow up emails, at the right time, without being flagged as a spam account.

The best part? You get to personalize each email, which will allow you to reach out to more people. Adding a personal touch to every email, while simultaneously sending them in bulk, will mean that you’re opting for a more tailored approach, putting a smile on the faces of your recipients as they read your message. 

Increase your productivity by a tenfold, focus on more important jobs, and leave the emailing to us!

Standard Packages and Free Plans 

You are our priority, which is why we offer three standard packages for you to choose from, according to your budget and emailing needs. 

Take a look at the following Outflash Plans and ponder over what fits your needs best: 

Per month
Manage unsubscriptions
Unlimited emails
Email tracking
No Outflash footers on emails
Per month
Our best deal
Manage unsubscriptions
Unlimited emails
Email tracking
No Outflash footers on emails
Per month
Manage unsubscriptions
Unlimited emails
Email tracking
No Outflash footers on emails

Free Plan 

This plan is entirely free of charge! With the option of free email personalization and managing subscriptions, this plan offers to carry out your basic emailing needs—best for those who want to try out and explore our services before purchasing a subscription. 

Standard Plan

Starting from just £10 a month, our standard plan is our best and most popular package. It includes a personalization, managing subscriptions, unlimited emails, email tracking, and scheduling—indeed, an all-in-one solution to your emailing needs. 

Gold Plan 

Upgrade your standard plan to gold plan for just addition of £5 a month to attain all premium features of Outflash, including no footers on emails and completely personalized emailing content. Make the most out of this package and become the boss of sending emails in no time. 

Installing the Outflash Add-In 

After you subscribe to your choice of package and email plan, all you have to do is install the Outflash add-in. Then add our premium add-in to your outlook account in less than 30 seconds! There is no need to create new contacts either, as we will automatically link them to the add-in.

Yes, you read that right. It’s that simple.

Don’t waste more time and sign up to take care of your email deliverability the right way.

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