Outlook.com Daily Limit to Send Emails

Outlook.com Daily Limit to Send Emails

Mailbox Email Limits In Outlook.com

Many email service providers limit the number of emails you can send each day. Unless you hand over some cash to them.

Outlook.com is no different and has a limit on the number of emails you can send per day. But, unlike the other email providers. Outlook.com changes this limit depending on your account type and status.

This blog helps you understand the Outlook.com daily email send limit. This is important for those that want to send an email to a mailing list, through Outlook.com.

One thing to note. There’s a difference between an Outlook.com email account (like phil-outflash@outlook.com). And using Outlook to send and receive emails for a business email address (like phil@outflash.com )

Daily Limit to Send Emails for Outlook.com Email Addresses

If you have an Outlook.com email address and you want to send mass emails from that email address.

Microsoft sets your daily send limit depending on your Outlook.com ‘reputation‘.

Your Outlook.com reputation is determined using the following factors:

– How old your Outlook.com account is. If your account is less than 30 days old, you have a harsher daily send limit and you won’t be able to send many emails each day.

– How often do you log in to your Outlook.com account. If you login and send emails on a daily basis. It seems your reputation builds a lot faster, according to this Microsoft article.

– How well do you comply with the MSN / Outlook.com Code of Conduct;

– You can get your Outlook.com account verified here. Login to your Outlook.com account, go through the verification process. This can help with your reputation score.

So… what are the limits on your Outlook.com email account? This assumes that you have verified your Oulook.com email.

  • 300 emails per day
  • 30 per minute
  • Up to 100 recipients per email

This is the best case scenario. If you have a new account. Or if it has been flagged these numbers will be lower.

Microsoft doesn’t have a way for you to see your exact Outlook.com reputation. But, if the above conditions are met. You should be allowed to send maximum of 300 emails per day (and no more than 100 recipients per message), through your Outlook.com email account.

It doesn’t sound much, but it’s close enough to the Google Gmail limit of 500 recipients per day. A 300 or 500 daily limit is a solid number for any mailing list.

How Can You Increase Your Outlook.com Daily Send Limit?

Basically, you have two options to increase your Outlook.com daily send limit.

1. You can upgrade your Outlook.com account to a paid subscription. Although Microsoft doesn’t state how much it will increase your daily email send limit. They do say that your daily limit will increase.

2. You can use a mass email software (like Outflash for Outlook). Our software allows you to schedule mass emails, bypassing Microsoft’s daily email limitations. So you aren’t limited by the Outlook.com daily email send limit.

If you are looking to forward emails between accounts, Outlook.com lets you define automatic forward rules. Any message forwarded through these rules are not counted in your daily email send limit.

Outlook.com Daily Send Limit for 3rd Party Email Accounts

If you added your existing email account(s) to an Outlook.com profile. The email daily send limit does not depend on outlook.com. But, on the SMTP service provider of your actual email account provider.

You will have to check with your mail service provider. Usually your website hosting provider. Or your webmail provider (like Yahoo Mail) about their daily limit to send emails.

If you add an @Gmail account to your Outlook.com mailbox. Your daily max email limit will be 500 (the limit enforced by Gmail). Not 300 (the Outlook.com daily send limit for email addresses @outlook.com).

Outflash add-in helps you reach more people in less time

I was hitting these issues myself with my Outlook.com email account. Each evening after working my normal 9-5 job. I would spend hours working on a couple of side projects.

After a week of sending emails to local businesses in my area, trying to promote a business idea I had. Fed up of creating and sending the same emails to different people.

I didn’t hit the limit that often, but one evening I managed to max out the emails I could send for the rest of the day.

I decided to see if I could come up with something that would work from inside Outlook.com. That could by-pass this limit. The Outflash add-in for Outlook was born.

Why is Outflash different from other third party email services? The add-on runs complete from inside Outlook. In the “new message” screen. No need to start using a new application or service.

Turns the Oulook compose screen into a mail merge/bulk email sender. Create a single email. Select multiple contacts to email. Our Outflash service will send an email to each contact on your behalf.

Outflash can insert placeholders into your emails subject line and body. When Outflash sends an email on your behalf. These placeholders are updated with the relevant contact information.

No need to move all your contact information to another third-party service. Outflash uses the contact information you have already saved in Outlook.

Take Two Minutes Out Of Your Day To Get Started

Outflash takes less than 30 seconds to install.

Saves you time. You can bulk send the same number of emails each day. In less than a quarter of the time you currently do send emails.

Once installed. Outflash will be available to use in Outlook.com and Outlook desktop application. No need to install it over and over again. Outflash and Outlook does this for you.

When Outflash sends an email for you. It saves a copy of the email in your Outlook ‘Sent Items’ folder. This helps you keep track of what has been sent.

Outflash will also save a draft of the email your composed, along with who you selected to send the email to. Again, allowing you to keep track of your emails and reuse existing emails, over and over.

It’s free to install and start using. Outflash uses Outlook’s email service to send emails for you. You may hit the daily send limit

There are no hidden costs or charges for using Outflash.

No minimum contract or setup fees. You are free to start or stop using Outflash whenever you like.

Click here and get started using Outlook in less than 30 seconds.

Check out a demo of me sending 4 emails in one go.

4 Responses

    1. Hi Kay.
      Yes you can send emails using Outflash from the desktop app. Our add-in works in the Outlook Desktop app on both Windows and Mac OSX. As well as outlook.com.
      If you need any more information or would like any help getting up and running, drop me an email to phil@outflash.xyz more than happy to help you out.

  1. Is there a way to use out flash from within a windows power shell script ?
    I have programs that generate emails and sometimes hit the limit.

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