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Ever been delegated a last-minute task of composing and sending hundreds of invites? Or are you just tired of spending overtime at the office to ensure every email is personalized?

Well, you’re not alone! 

There are tens of professionals, recruiters, and marketers who have to go through this long and tedious process daily to ensure that they maximize their respective outreach and create engaging content for their readers.

If you don’t already know, personalized mass emails are known to increase your customer conversion rate by a tenfold. Such emails not only applies to outreach campaigns but also sales pitches and similar events. Hence, there is a lot of importance given to personalized emails.

Mail Merge - Turning Tedious Jobs Quick and Fun

If you’re using the usual Outlook.com at your office and manually sending hundreds of personalized emails with unique content is not your cup of tea, its best to use the Outlook mail merge to get the job done quicker! 

Mail merge allows for you to create more than one document with the same base content but different personalization to pave the way for unique details in your email to properly engage the reader. In short, with a mail merge, you can keep a consistent format and tweak the details of each email.

Making Bulk Personalized Emails Easy!

Unlike the typical or traditional emailing system where you email a group of people to reach out to more than one person, the mail merge ensures that each recipient is a sole recipient to keep the personalization up to the par. 

Based on a systemized approach, mail merge allows for a division of features, where you formulate a constant document, which considers as the base text and a changeable data source, and consists of all the recipients you wish to reach out to, be it up to hundreds of people.

When sending the emails, both these features are merged, and a unique email is sent to your recipients in a whim! 

If you use Outlook.com, your job will become more accessible, as it offers the Outlook mail merge feature as one of its default email settings. After all, Outlook is famous for being an efficient all-rounder when it comes to the market’s information managers.

Taking the Long Road to Bulk Personalized Emails

Sending personalized emails in bulk is pretty easy when you use Outlook.com. However, it is a long process, which can become very monotonous and tiresome with time.

If you wish to opt for Mail Merge in Outlook, here are some vital steps you need to follow:

Step 1: Creating a Contact Database

While you can use the default contact database given within the email, Outlook can easily merge contacts from its supporting tasking counterparts, such as Microsoft Word Document, Excel Spreadsheet, and even Access database.

Microsoft Outlook Contact makes it quicker and more convenient for you to formulate a list of your desired recipients and hence, makes it easier to send mass email in Outlook.

Step 2: Dividing Recipients into Categories

If you’re a fan of organizing things correctly, this step can be a life-changing one for you.

Sort out all your recipients beforehand into different categories.

Just access the desired recipients from your list of Contacts and select (CTRL + Click) the ones you want to include in the personalized list of recipients.

When sending the bulk emails, all you have to do is select the Category. It can make your Outlook mail merge job easier.


Step 3: Accessing Mail Merge for Bulk Personalization 

Now! that you have everything in place, access Mail Merge from the Action’s group given in the Outlook Ribbon’s Home Panel: RIBBON > HOME > ACTIONS GROUP

Step 4: Editing the Parameters

The Mail Merge Contacts screen allows you to edit the given parameters, such as:

  • Document type
  • Merging transitions
  • Message subject lines

And other desired personalization.

outlook personalised email

Using the Outlook mail merge with attachment feature, you can send attachments as well.

Step 5: Craft the Personalized Message in the Microsoft Word

Check out the “Mailings” tab on the ribbon and select a “Greeting Line.

The Insert Greeting Line (pre-populated dialogue box) is just a placeholder for the personalization of the recipients from the contact list. Customize and format the given entries of your contact list.

outlook personalised email

Next to the Insert Greeting Line tab is Insert Merge Field, which contains the relevant fields such as name, home phone from your Outlook’s original contact information.

Step 6: Sending Your Emails Away!

Next, type in your main content, which is your message after the greeting line.

This content should be unique and engaging to grasp the reader’s attention. While the other placeholders will change, this content will remain the same.

With a click on “send,” in “Finish and Merge > Send Email Messages,” your work ends here.

outlook personalised email

The Merge to Email dialogue box opens. Click the OK button, and your personalized mass emails will reach all your recipients one at a time, ensuring complete personalization and robust email conversion.

While the feature of mail merge in Outlook is known to be one of the very efficient ways of sending personalized emails in bulk, it is still a long process that requires time and effort.

 “Imagine how much easier sending emails could be with just one click and a smoother transition, while still using the reputable Outlook email provider!”

Aiming for The New and Improved Way

Well, there certainly is a more quick, modern, and professional way of getting that done.

Using Outlook mass email Outflash add-in, you can make the most out of your unwavering mass emailing efforts four times faster than using the usual personalized mass email in Outlook.

Being one of the fastest, most trustworthy, and reasonable mail service provider in the market, Outflash add-in gives you all the means to improve your productivity by a tenfold. 

At a glance, here are the steps you need to follow when using the Outflash add-in:

  • Signup for Outflash using your Outlook account.
  • Composing an email as you would typically do.
  • Click on “Send Using Outflash.”
  • Add the Desired Placeholders in your email, such as subject and body placeholders from the control panel. 
  • Send the email! 

The best part? You don’t have to use any third-party email accounts or systems to get this done. All you need is your Outflash add-in to improve your throughput in no time!

Have Complete Control of Your Emails

Outflash add-in wants you to be in complete control of the emails you send out; hence, it allows you to:

  • Schedule your personalized mass emails beforehand and helps you track every single one of them through the outgoing folder. 
  • Plus, you can make use of Outlook mail merge with attachment through Outflash add-in as well!
  • This state-of-the-art feature allows you to review the status of your outgoing emails. You can easily view who has read your emails and who hasn’t, allowing you to take the “Right Action at the Right Time. 

Benefits of Using Outflash add-in as a Mail Merge

  • Fast, effective, and efficient
  • Complete unique personalization 
  • Guaranteed increase in conversion 
  • Unlimited emailing tracking and reviewing 
  • Pre-scheduling and data reports

Why Use Outflash Add-in?

Outflash add-in uses a professional approach at sending personalized mass emails in bulk, helping you reach out to more people in no time, maximizing all your efforts and productivity. Think of it as an Outlook mass email Outflash add-in.

It’s as simple as that!

So, what are you waiting for? You’ve reviewed both the traditional and modern methods of mail merging! Don’t wait too long and add our premium Outflash add-in to your Outlook account and make the most bang out of your buck.  

Sign up today to take care of all your email deliverability the right way.

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