Keeping Fit and Strong While Working From Home

Keeping fit and strong with Gymnastic rings training, like weight training just a lot harder

Gymnastic rings training, like weight training just a lot harder

So, I’ve not be not be able to do any form of weight training for a while now. Keeping fit and strong is something I work into my weekly routine.

For years I have enjoyed going to the gym and doing some for of weight training. Not that it is any good for you. My right shoulder has been pretty beat up and my back is now made of glass.

Anyway, being in the middle of the lockdown. I still wanted to do some form of weight-based exercise. I felt that press-ups and squats seemed to be a bit lacking in keeping me fit and strong. They can get a bit boring too.

We had already hung a punch bag in the garage to start build our own ‘home gym’. I considered getting hold of a squat rack, bench and some weights. However, the cost of it all was worrying. I didn’t really want to go and spend an excessive amount of money with the way things are. We may need the cash in the future for more essential items.

I decided to price things up anyway. Just to give me idea of the costs, for future reference if nothing else.


I could not get a squat rack on Amazon, Sport Direct, Decathlon. I even found a website that specialises in selling only squat racks, they had zero stock. After dropping them a quick email, using Outflash’s tracking system to see if anyone is working and picking up emails. The company replied back to me the next day and had no idea when any stock will be coming in.

Right, I need to find an alternative.

Remembering that I had read a couple of articles about gymnastic strength training, more specifically using gymnastic rings. I decided to see if I could get hold of a pair. Luckily Amazon Prime had a few in stock and I got them the next day.

Hanging Tough

I hung the rings up on the other end of the beam in the garage that our punch bag is on. Excited to start the workout plan I had knocked together after a bit of online research. It was surprising how hard the workout was.

At the gym, I’m able to do loads of dips and press-ups. Trying to perform these exercises using rings is a different matter. I managed 4 sets of 1 and half reps of dips and 4 sets of 5 press-ups.

Pull-ups and chin-ups were even hard for me to do. I had to get an old step ladder to rest my feet on to make it easier.

I’m a few weeks into training regularly using gymnastic rings, coupled with a bit of running. My strength seems to be improving as I’m gradually doing more reps.

What sort’s of exercise are you doing to make sure you are keeping fit and strong at the moment?

If you want to know which rings and punch bag I got, let me know. Will send you a link.

Do you sell a range of fitness/health products online? Or have you any products you are looking to promote using email?

If so, I’ve re-opened a discount for my blog readers. You can find the link here:

Okay, I’m off to see how many pull-ups I can do without using that rickety old step ladder.



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