How Outflash can help you Recruit more Employees

Track Email Campaigns

Know how your candidates react to your email after you hit send

Custom Contact Placeholders

Send personalized mass emails to reach more candidates without getting blocked

Manage Your Subscribers

You will be notified each time someone chooses to unsubscribe/subscribe.

Check Whether A Candidate Opens Your Email

With the email tracking feature of Outflash, know that your email has been successfully delivered and how many times your candidate opens your email. Get detailed engagement data so that you can know the interest level of candidates and approach them accordingly. All this data will be available for you using Outflash’s custom built dashboard.

Email Campaigns
Email Campaigns

Reach More Candidates In Less Time

With our mail merge feature, you can send personalized emails to the multiple candidates at one go, without having to send the same message multiple times, with slight changes to names and company information. Our service does this for you and saves a copy so you can track what has been sent to each contact.

Manage Unsubscriptions From Inside Outlook

Using our email enhancement add-in for, you can insert an “Unsubscribe” link into an email. Each recipient will then be able to use this link to unsubscribe from any future emails. If one of your contacts clicks chooses to unsubscribe you will get an email letting you know.

Outflash - Manage Unsubscriptions

Other Reasons That Make Outflash Ideal For Recruiters Like You

Create Once, Send Multiple

Compose a single email. Add multiple contacts into the ‘To’ field. Let Outflash send each contact a unique version of the email.

Unlimited Emails

With our paid plans you can send as many emails as you would like. You are no longer be restricted by the daily email limit that Microsoft sets.

Personalised Emails

Use Outflash placeholders to personalise each email sent. Our service will update the placeholder with the correct information from your Outlook contacts.

Track Your Emails

Outflash works seamlessly with Outlook. Any email our service sends for you will be saved in your Outlook ‘Sent Items’ folder. With our paid plans you can track email status, opens and clicks

Manage Unsubscribers

You can insert an unsubscribe link into an email. This gives people who receive your email a way to choose whether they would like to receive future emails from you or not.

Use Over and Over

Every email you send using Outflash, our service saves a copy in your Outlook ‘Drafts’ folder so you can review and re-use over and over.

Install Once use Anywhere

You only need to install Outflash once. The add-in will be available for you to use in, Outlook for Windows and Outlook for Mac.

Software You Know and Trust

Our product runs from inside the Outlook ‘New message’ screen. No need to learn how to use a new product or move email providers.

No Need to Export Data

With Outflash there is no need to export all your contacts and emails to a different service. Just to be able to send multiple emails in one go.