How Outflash can help you save hours out of your Day

See how using Outflash can help you save hours out of your day. By reducing the time it takes you to reach out to your clients or customers, using your existing Outlook account.

Compose Once, Send Multiple

Using our Outlook add-in. You compose an email to multiple contacts and send the email using Outflash. Our service will send a single email to each contact, instead of sending one email to multiple contacts.

Manage Your Subscribers

Use Outflash to insert an 'unsubscribe' link into an email. Allowing people to choose whether they would like to receive future emails from you or not. You will be notified each time someone chooses to unsubscribe/subscribe.

Custom Contact Placeholders

Outflash allows you to insert placeholders into the subject line and email contents. When our system sends an email on your behalf, then the placeholders are replaced with the relevant information from the contact.

Software Your Already Know

Reuse software that you have used for years and may pay for. Using Outflash removes the need to export all your contacts and emails to an expensive email service, just to be able to send multiple emails in one go.

Track Email Campaigns

With one of our paid plans, you can track whether an email was delivered and if the person opened or clicked an email. Our software saves a copy of every email we send on your behalf in your existing Outlook 'Sent Items' folder.

Unlimited, Anywhere

Our paid plans allow you to send as many emails as you would like each day. You only need to install the add-in once and it's available to use in, Outlook for Windows, Outlook for Mac and Outlook for Mobile.

Use Outlook to send bulk emails to your contacts.

With Outflash, there is no need to move all your contacts and emails over to a new email service. Our Outlook add-in works from inside Outlook’s ‘New Message’ screen. Allowing you to send bulk emails using Outlook and all of it’s functionality

  • No need to import/export contact information or emails to another service provider.
  • Outflash runs inside Outlook. Use your current software and services
  • Makes use to Outlooks existing functionality so you can keep track using your Sent Items and Drafts folders.
Email Campaigns
Email Campaigns

Keep in touch with your customers and increase open rates.

Outflash allows you to personalise each email you compose, without having to send the same message multiple times, with slight changes to names and company information. Our service does this for you and saves a copy so you can track what has been sent to each contact.

  • Reduce the number of emails that you have to compose without reducing the volume that you send out.
  • Outflash allows you to set placeholders in an email. Making your bulk email content more personable.

Manage unsubscriptions from inside Outlook

Using our email enhancement add-in for you can insert an “Unsubscribe” link into an email. Each recipient will then be able to use this link to unsubscribe from an future emails. If one of your contacts clicks chooses to unsubscribe you will get an email letting you know.

  • Choose whether to include an 'Unsubscribe' link in an email campaign
  • Receive an email each time a recipient unsubscribes from future emails
  • Using Outlook to manage all unsubscribers/subscribers
Outflash - Manage Unsubscriptions

Track email activity to see who is reading your emails.

By subscribing to one of our paid plans you can track the activity of any email you have sent using our service. Our paid plans also allow you to send as many emails as you need each day. You won’t be restricted to the email limits Microsoft may impose.

  • See whether an email has been delivered or not. Helping to review whether your are triggering any spam filters.
  • Review the number of times a recipent has opened or clicked an email you have sent.

Send bulk email campaigns using Outlook

Use Outlook to compose a single email that can be sent to multiple contacts. Personalise each email to improve open rates and get more replies.